Whether celebrating Christmas, a different holiday or winter in general, people take breaks during the holiday season to spend time with friends and family. You might have favorite family traditions such as breakfast on Christmas morning or visiting your favorite aunt and uncle at their New England cottage. Regardless of where or how you spend your holidays, some years can feel more like a rut than a tradition. This year, instead of packing up and heading out to another routine holiday locale, you could try some different locations and ideas to spice things up. Here are a few alternate ways to spend your Christmas vacation no matter your traditions.
[title text=”Embracing the Outdoors”]

shutterstock_99854096For those living in warmer climates, winter doesn’t always mean snow and ice. Take advantage of mild temperatures or unseasonably warm weather by going camping. With all the extra calories consumed at large family meals and workplace soirees, fresh air and exercise will help keep the excess pounds from stacking up while offering a unique departure from holiday traditions.

Just remember to stock up on solid camping essentials and emergency supplies. You might not live in an icy area, but sudden snow or inclement weather can ruin a fun family outing. Invest in proper footwear, camping gear and nonperishable food items, and ensure that you have a means of contacting help in case you need it. Many online retailers sell weather radios that double as battery-powered cell phone chargers.
[title text=”Cozy Cabin for Two”]

shutterstock_80084035If you and your partner need to get away for Christmas, then consider booking a romantic cabin for two in an area known for luxury cabin rentals. The Smoky Mountains on the East Coast offer year-round rentals for couples and large groups alike, and you can choose from dozens of options depending on how much privacy or the type of amenities you seek. Light a fire, snuggle up in cozy fleece blankets and admire the view of the mountains as you spend a quiet vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the holiday frenzy.
[title text=”Cruising to New Places”]

shutterstock_133987346Almost everyone fantasizes about escaping the harsh winter weather and relaxing on the beach of a tropical island. Turn your fantasies into reality by booking a cruise to celebrate the holidays. Whether you want to exchange Christmas gifts on the deck of a luxury cruise line or ring in the new year aboard a family-friendly party ship, booking a tropical cruise can be a great way to escape your winter blues.

If you prefer a snowy Christmas, you don’t have to trade in the cold to take advantage of a holiday cruise. Many cruise lines offer trips to Alaska, Europe and other northern places to satisfy those with less traditional tastes. No matter where you go, cruises offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional holiday travel. With meals, hotel stay and some excursions built into the price of the trip, you can treat yourself or your family to a unique experience without spending a fortune.
[title text=”Themed ‘Staycation'”]

shutterstock_115747810Staycations serve as a fun way to experience a new tradition without leaving the comfort of your own home. If you live in a climate that experiences routine inclement weather during the winter, then you may not want to risk traveling or camping outdoors. Instead, host a themed staycation in your living room. For families with children, themed staycations offer the perfect chance to develop imaginations and get a little creative. Try these fun themes:

  • Christmas Around the World: food, traditions and facts about how other countries celebrate the holidays.
  • Fairy Tale Adventures: live-action role-playing games and a menu featuring culinary creations made by the kids.
  • Cozy Living Room Cottage: pillow forts, comfortable socks and a movie marathon of holiday family favorites.

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Breaking the usual holiday traditions can be a fun way to establish new ones for the future and experience a different side of the holiday season. Whether you set up a camping tent in the backyard or plan a Caribbean adventure, you’ll find everything you need using DubLi’s unique shopping and travel portals. Browse your favorite brands, stock up on holiday gifts and plan a great vacation while enjoying special savings and earning cash rewards with an awesome cashback incentive program.

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