With the leaves falling steadily throughout most of the country, many people have packed up their trowels and lawnmowers and bid farewell to their lawns until spring. But before you go into full hibernation mode, you may want to revisit your lawn a few times this season to ensure an easier transition into next spring. Lawn experts recommend that a few extra steps taken during the colder months will lead to healthier lawns and gardens when the weather heats back up. Whether you have a green thumb or just want to prevent future yard problems, here are some simple ways to protect your outdoor space throughout the cooler months.
[title text=”One Step at a Time”]

Frostschutz-für-KübelpflanzenTaking care of your lawn is a methodical process, meaning you need to take your time and complete certain steps before moving on to new projects. Plus, taking your time ensures that you don’t get overloaded with too many tasks all at once, and you and your lawn will appreciate this methodical approach. Follow these steps to ensure proper yard care:

  • Adjust the mower blade to a lower setting.
  • Mow less frequently as the temperature cools.
  • Avoid pruning hedges and trees.
  • Cover garden beds with burlap or clover.
  • Rake and mulch leaves as they fall.
  • Reseed balding patches of yard with ryegrass.
  • Fertilize your lawn before frost sets in.

Some of these steps may be completed simultaneously, but the final step should happen last. It’s important to fertilize the lawn during the time period when you stop mowing for the season and before it’s cold enough for frost to develop. This ensures proper growth and health for spring without promoting snow mold due to excessive moisture from freezing temperatures. Layering your garden beds with a crop of clover will reduce the risk of pest infestations and mold as well.
[title text=”Organize & Winterize Equipment”]

shutterstock_129094823The last thing you want to do when you need to shovel the walkway after a snowfall is dig through your summer tools to find the right equipment. Once you’re done mowing and seeding for the season, organize your tools and equipment by cleaning them properly and storing them behind the items you’ll need for winter. Pull snow shovels, leaf blowers and scrapers to the front of your tool shed or garage and cover items that are likely to rust if left exposed. Cleaning your equipment properly ensures that they’re ready for warm-weather maintenance in the spring.
[title text=”Stock Up on Essentials”]

shutterstock_130180271Before you close the book on winter lawn maintenance, begin planning for inclement weather and early spring. Stock up on seedlings now while they’re on sale, and make sure you have plenty of sand and salt on-hand to combat icy walkways and frozen paths. You should also keep extra garden gloves, warm clothing and shovels handy just in case you need to access them quickly. Keep these items stored in areas away from direct light and moisture to prevent mold and insects from destroying their value.
[title text=”Talk to the Garden Pros”]

shutterstock_130208939If you find yourself unsure about the proper soil to use or the correct seeds to plant in preparation of spring, then talk to your local garden experts or the professionals at your favorite home improvement store. You might even consider hiring a professional lawn maintenance expert to evaluate your yard’s condition and offer you professional tips specific to your situation. They can steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right equipment and techniques to keep your lawn safe and healthy.
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Spring will be here before you know it, and you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend reviving your lawn by taking a few extra steps during fall and winter. Whether you own a lot of acreage or a simple backyard garden, following these steps to keep your lawn healthy during the winter will help you once the snow thaws and the grass starts growing again. While you’re online shopping for cold-weather essentials, lawn equipment and seedlings, check out the awesome cashback program offered by DubLi. You can save hundreds of dollars while earning cash back on everything you need to get your yard winter-ready.

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