For many people, staying in a hotel is an exciting chance to get away from the norm and experience a new place without having to do laundry or make the bed. With thousands of hotel chains around the world offering all the comforts of home, you might take for granted that hotels are still businesses that demand a certain level of mutual respect between client and provider. Whether you travel frequently or stay in hotels occasionally, brushing up on your hotel etiquette will serve you well. Here are some tips on the proper way to handle certain situations.
[title text=”Early Check-ins & Late Checkouts”]

shutterstock_100069061Many hotels offer the ability to check in early or stay a few hours later. Usually, this service is offered to those who have a rewards card with the company or who travel frequently, but you may be able to take advantage of these conditions if you ask politely. Keep in mind that a hotel sets check-in and checkout times for a reason: They need to properly clean and prepare your room for the next guest.

Because hotel maintenance staff works on a set schedule, they may not have had a chance to clean your room before you arrive. When asking about early check-in or late checkout, don’t assume that the hotel is refusing out of hostility; the staff may need extra time for preparation. Be polite, and you can expect better service throughout your stay.
[title text=”Maid Service Isn’t Personal”]

shutterstock_140716507One of the best parts of staying in a hotel is coming back to the room at the end of the day to a clean, fresh space to spend the night. And while you might enjoy having a stack of clean towels and organized toiletries, remember that the hotel maid service does not serve you alone. With hundreds of rooms to clean, housekeeping doesn’t have time to sort through piles of clothes to make your bed or vacuum excessively dirty carpets.

Be courteous to the housekeeping staff. You don’t have to clean the room, but avoid tossing excess clothes onto the furniture and try to keep sandy items in a confined space. Not only will you enjoy better room cleaning service, but you’ll also garner more respect from the hotel management when you leave.
[title text=”When and How to Tip”]

shutterstock_55469644American travelers usually know to tip housekeeping staff, but travelers from other areas may not hold the same customs. In fact, because the wage system works differently in places like Europe, Europeans and those who travel to Europe should avoid tipping at both restaurants and hotels. In the United States, however, tipping is expected for a job well done. Do you know how much to tip?

Here’s a quick guide:

  • At moderately priced hotels or for minimal service, tip $1 USD for each day of your stay.
  • For mid-range hotels and standard service, tip $2 USD for each day of your stay.
  • At luxury or resort hotels or for excellent service, tip $3 USD for each day of your stay.

Of course, the specific amount will depend on your own experience and the type of hotel. Some people tip a standard amount such as $10 USD for the whole stay regardless of length or service. Outstanding service may garner a higher tip while poor service may garner no tip and a polite but firm complaint to hotel management.
[title text=”Discussing Problems with Management”]

shutterstock_14830606When you need to complain to the management, make sure that you submit the complaint in writing and that you remain professional. Complaints will be taken more seriously if your tone is professional and polite as you explain the problems. Hotels don’t always know when there’s a problem so you should keep in mind that this could be the first they hear of faulty electrical outlets, cold showers or rude wait staff in the hotel restaurant. If you present your complaints calmly, then you may expect better reception and restitution from the management.

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