Spring and summer weddings offer guests expansive wardrobe options. From strapless sundresses to easy, breezy ensembles, dressing for a warm-weather wedding can be quick and painless. But what do you wear to a late fall or winter wedding? With the recent trend shifting towards winter nuptials, you’re more likely to attend them now than ever before. Men have it fairly easy: A classic suit and tie will go with just about any formal occasion. Ladies will need to think a little harder when it comes to planning the perfect outfit. From casual afternoon ceremonies to elegant evening affairs, here are some tried and true tips on winter wedding fashion.
[title text=”Avoid Themed Attire”]

shutterstock_66342904Like weddings held during warmer months, winter weddings can be as unique as the couple who hosts them. Just because a wedding takes place during the holidays doesn’t mean the theme will be Christmas or that red and green will dominate the decor. Likewise, you should avoid dressing to a certain theme when it comes to weddings.

Unless the wedding invitation encourages costumes, shy away from ornate sweaters, brilliant designs and other show pieces. During the winter, stores display their shiniest ensembles meant to draw in the New Year’s crowd, but that doesn’t mean you should pick up a sequined gown for your best friend’s wedding.
[title text=”Stick with the Basics”]

Instead of picking that shimmering blue top, go for its less brilliant cousin. Basic hues and neutral tones dominate winter weddings, and wearing bright outfits will shine the spotlight in the wrong direction. You can still be stylish without drawing unnecessary attention. Try these dark, classic ensembles:

  • Wear a classic little black dress with a deep green or lightly patterned scarf.
  • Pair plum leggings with a deep grey sweater dress and black knee-high boots.
  • Choose a pair of black or grey slacks with an embellished sweater and black ankle boots.
  • Layer a navy blue sweater over a cream-colored top, paired with a black mini skirt and tights.

Thanks to shorter days, at least part of the wedding will take place at night, which means wearing bright colors should be avoided. If you have to have color, then try mixing a few low-key prints in with your ensembles. Try throwing a striped blouse underneath a cardigan for an appropriate layered look or adding a pop of color with your jewelry.
[title text=”Appropriate Accessories”]

shutterstock_6044785The last thing you want to do at a wedding is draw the eye away from the bride and bridal party. Makeup and jewelry should be kept to a minimum, although a bright lipstick or blush of color on the cheeks will be just fine when used correctly. Try adding in a touch of glittering gold or silver on your eyelids for a hint of sparkle.

Scarves provide a fun and diverse way to spice up a neutral-toned ensemble. This is one accessory that you can use to get a little creative. When pairing a scarf with a little black dress or solid-colored outfit, choose contrasting colors, bold prints and vibrant patterns to offset the dark colors. Scarves allow you to make a statement without stealing the show.
[title text=”Cozy & Stylish”]

Remember to choose a stylish coat and winter accessories like gloves and leggings to go with your fabulous winter dress. A waist-length trench offers versatility throughout the year because it offers additional protection in case of inclement weather. You can also add warmth by adding layers to your ensemble. Layering offers you the freedom to remove articles of clothing as you spend the night dancing and toasting the newlyweds.

You might feel overwhelmed as you attempt to pair the perfect dress with the right accessories and an appropriate winter coat, but keep in mind that you don’t need to overthink great style. When in doubt, opt for dark, solid colors and a classic pea coat to complete your look. While you’re online browsing for your favorite designer brands, check out the amazing cashback program offered by DubLi. From holiday leggings to cashmere sweaters, you’ll save on everything you need to complete the perfect winter wedding look while earning cash back for future purchases.

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