From holiday parties to winter weddings, the colder season brings with it an abundance of festivities and occasions worth celebrating. But after the party ends and you’ve unwrapped all the gifts, you might wonder about the proper way to give thanks for your friends’ and family’s generosity. In a world of social media and text messaging, the art of saying thank you has gotten lost in translation, but it’s still worth practicing especially when someone goes out of her way to throw a good party or send a special gift. If you’re unsure about how to express your gratitude, then read on to learn the proper etiquette for sending thank-you cards and gifts.
[title text=”A Flexible Timeline”]

shutterstock_147990983Sometimes, the best intentions get foiled by life’s everyday interruptions, and you might find yourself attempting to say thank you long after the event has passed. Fortunately, the timeline for sending thank-you cards is flexible. For weddings and baby showers, people expect that newlyweds and new parents will have too much on their plates to sit down and write proper thank-you cards. If you fall into these categories, then try to send out thank-you cards within the year of the event to ensure that you don’t forget or offend anyone.

For others, whether you attend a party or receive a gift, you should try to send a note of thanks or call within a week of the occasion. If you’re pressed for time, then send a quick email within a few days and make a mental note to call or send a letter when you do have time to thank the person properly. Timely thank-you notes will ensure future invites to parties and assure people that you appreciate their gifts.
[title text=”The Best Thank-You Notes”]

shutterstock_107972765The best thank-you notes come from the heart. If you’re not a great writer, then simply express your thanks and keep the note simple. If writing is your strong suit, then use your skills to craft a note that reflects your true feelings. Think of the thank-you notes you’ve received in your life. You probably appreciate the ones that simply thank you for your thoughtfulness over the ones that try too hard and use obviously inflated language. Whether you choose personalized stationery or print your notes on copy paper, your family and friends will appreciate the gesture.
[title text=”Unique Host Gifts”]

shutterstock_56877169While you’re not required to send a gift to the host of a party, you may feel compelled to offer a small token of your appreciation in addition to a thank-you card. Traditionally, you might bring a bottle of wine to a holiday party or send flowers after a fun get-together. These days, you have options when it comes to host gifts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Customized greeting cards created online
  • Edible arrangements of cookies or fruit
  • Wine bottles with personalized labels
  • Framed pictures of the guests enjoying the party

Just remember to keep your thank-you gifts simple and useful. There’s no need to send an elaborate bouquet or a trinket that the host will find awkward to display.
[title text=”Is a Thank-You Always Necessary?”]

shutterstock_135164537Technically, you don’t have to thank anyone for his or her kindness, but you should. People don’t give gifts or throw parties to get something in return; they do these things because they enjoy your company and want to have a good time. However, you should repay their kindness by letting them know you appreciate the effort even if you didn’t enjoy the party or care for the gift.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to send a letter by mail to thank a hostess for throwing a fun holiday party or your grandmother for sending a check. A simple, well-worded email will be just as effective at communicating your thanks. You might also consider calling instead of writing especially if you enjoy a close relationship with the person.

Sending a thank-you note or gift can be a great way to maintain a relationship long after the holiday season of parties and events. To stock up on stationery, gift baskets and flowers, check out the shopping mall portal hosted by DubLi. While you’re shopping, make sure to check out the awesome cashback program that allows you to save money and earn cash rewards on everything you need to give thanks the right way.

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