By Kaylin Meyer

You don’t have to be a bajillionaire to improve your home’s décor. On the contrary, you can stick to a tight budget and still conjure up your own little Pinterest-worthy palace by employing poise, class and savvy (online) shopping skills.

As when accessorizing an outfit, it’s important to stylize your home according to your personal tastes. Try adding an eye-catching silhouette to your living room mantel or a pop of wall art to your entryway. Maybe your couch is screaming “pillow me!” If you need a quick fix, we have the perfect solution. We have rounded up 10 artisan home décor accents just for you — and all of them are under $30!

All of these objets d’art are not only simple and affordable, but utterly essential. Treating yourself to small, inexpensive gifts on a regular basis can help feed the soul. You can insert subtle hints of rustic vibes and a playful sculpture or two, or you may decide to go the natural route and introduce some chic plant life to liven up your interior.

It could be high time for you to get out with the old and in the new, especially at costs this low! We want you to add some tasteful elements of style to your home without breaking the bank, especially when there’s a plethora of posh interior design elements for far less than celebrity designers would charge.

Have fun picking out the small stuff while you reap the benefits of smart shopping and affordable living.

10 Must-Have Home Décor Accessories Under $30

10 Must-Have Home Décor Accessories Under $30


  1. Succulent Branch Decor ($19.99), available at Cost Plus World Market (2.6%/8.6%)
  2. Gold Burst Wall Decor ($24.95), available at Pier 1 (2.6%/8.6%)
  3. Always Remember Wall Decor – Blue ($29.99), available at Pier 1 (2.6%/8.6%)
  4. Antiqued Chalkboard Menu ($24.95), available at Sur la Table (4.5%/10.5%) – Need some magic chalk markers? Thought so.
  5. Yellow Wire Bin ($16.96), available at Crate and Barrel (2.6%/8.6%)
  6. Artisanal Patched Lumbar Pillow – Indigio ($24.98), available at Pier 1 (2.6%/8.6%)
  7. Small Telescope on Tripod Decor ($19.99), available at Cost Plus World Market (2.6%/8.6%)
  8. Zuzu Basket with Handles (starting at $19.95), available at Crate and Barrel (2.6%/8.6%)
  9. Metal Wire Sphere ($7.99-$11.99), available at Cost Plus World Market (2.6%/8.6%)
  10. Teak Root Wood Vase with Hole ($19.98), available at Cost Plus World Market (2.6%/8.6%)
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