By: Kaylin Meyer

If you have a hectic schedule like me, there never seems to be enough hours in the day! I mean, come on, we are all juggling a million things these days. It seems as if we barely have enough time to get our work done, make time for the gym, check our never ending flow of emails and get chores completed around the house – let alone make it over to the store to go shopping. Especially if you have children, running to the mall anymore is probably far out of the question. And, that’s why we shop online.

Well today, we’re going to give you the inside scoop on some awesome need-to-know stylist tips and tricks to shopping online and unlocking secret savings! That’s right folks, we have an arsenal of pointers to make it easy for you to shop online so you can get back to your busy lives.

Here are our favorite 5 shopping tricks to save time and money:

[title text=”1) Free Shipping”]

Honestly, who pays for shipping anymore? Seriously, it’s quite a ridiculous expense. Especially if you are shopping smart, you shouldn’t be wasting money on such an obscene overhead. So stop paying for shipping and start enjoying the savings. Most popular retailers offer free shipping and some even accept free returns, talk about a win-win. Some retailers offer free shipping after you spend a certain dollar amount, but a lot of places just give it up for free! Get in the know now and shop places like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Lacoste, BlueFly, and Joie – just to name a few. Shop online and enjoy the unexpected extras!


[title text=”2) Measuring Tape”]

One of the few pesky thing about online shopping is you don’t get to try on the items beforehand. Enter your new online shopping friend, the measure tape. Chances are you probably have a tape measure somewhere in your household even if you aren’t a seamstress or good at sewing. Check your hall closet or order this one from Target (1%/7% Cashback) for only $3.39.

I keep one right in my desk drawer so when I’m shopping online and I need to take my measurements, I can do it right then and there. And boom, that eliminates the size guessing game problem.

Another good idea is to take your measurements in advance, like today, and save them in the notes app on your phone or on your computer. This way, you will always have them ready to go and help streamline your way to the checkout.


Keep a tape measure handy so you can quickly measure your size and find the best fit

Keep a tape measure handy so you can quickly measure your size and find the best fit

[title text=”3) Customer Reviews”]

Every time you buy anything online it’s extremely important that you read the customer reviews. Considering that people leave these notes for a reason, it’s important you read their reviews about the item you are in the market for. Most of the time, customers who have purchased the item will tell you the fit – does it run big, small or true to size? Additionally, reviews will reveal the quality of the item and their overall satisfaction with the purchase.

Keep in mind though, some people like to complain – so know how to pick out a grump from a quality reviewer.


5 Online Shopping Tricks to Save Time & Money

Make sure to read reviews on the items you’re in the market for

[title text=”4) Shop Juniors…Let Me Explain Why”]

A cheap trick for shopping “trendy” items is to shop the juniors section first. The juniors section perpetually has the on-trend in style items for less, always! So, when you are in need of a new stylish printed top or shabby chic new kimono – try scoping out what the whippersnappers have to offer. Who knows, you might even find you like what they have to offer better, such as this on-pointe and trendy High Neck Tank from Nordstrom (3.2%/9.2% Cashback). Either way, we promise you that the savings for some dead-on voguish trends will be far worth your time!

June & Hudson, High Neck Tank ($48), Photo by Nordstrom (3.2%/9.2% Cashback)

June & Hudson, High Neck Tank ($48), Photo by Nordstrom (3.2%/9.2% Cashback)


[title text=”5) Coupon and Savings Stacking”]

Last, but not least: The new way to shop and save online.

When you use a standard online coupon, it takes a percentage off of your purchase right at checkout. Coupons offer great savings on your purchases, but did you know there’s a way to save even more? Take advantage of additional savings when you shop with Cashback on

When you shop through DubLi, we offer you a percentage back on your purchase, but the real deal-buster is that you can stack Cashback on top of other deals, sales and coupons. So go ahead and take the 20% off with your favorite store’s coupon, BUT start your shopping on DubLi and you’ll save even more with Cashback.

More importantly, DubLi offers you over 6,000 stores to shop from! Which means, if you are shopping at one of your favorite online stores – there is absolutely no reason for you to not earn Cashback on your purchases. The Cashback savings vary, but you can save up to 81% Cashback at some stores – which is well worth it, if you ask me.

Sign up is free, all you need is an email address. Plus, when you join today, earn an instant $10 in Cashback just for becoming a new member! Bottom line, don’t limit yourself to coupon codes – get rewarded by simply shopping online through DubLi before you make your next purchase.


Join DubLi today for free and start saving with Cashback

Join DubLi today for free and start saving with Cashback

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