In a fast-paced, multitasking world, technology helps you organize your time and keep up with a full to-do list. But even with the helpful apps and calendars that make everyday life easier, you might still feel pressed for time on a routine basis. If you’ve been struggling to cram everything in, then there may be a better way. These seven apps will not only help you manage your time but will also help you create more of it to spend with friends and family. Each app is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded through the stores on your smartphone or tablet.


shutterstock_152114720For storing and sharing data across multiple Internet platforms, Dropbox has been used for years by millions worldwide. The competitor app Box takes the functionality of Dropbox and adds extra security and more storage for first-time users. You still get the ability to store and share your files in a cloud system that you can access from any registered device, but now the files are encrypted and password-protected for your security.


If you find yourself jotting down dreams and goals into notebooks that you quickly lose, then consider downloading one of the handiest apps for setting and achieving personal success. The free version allows you to create goals, set up steps to complete them and even participate in challenges uploaded by other users. You can also sync the app with friends to help them achieve goals faster.


shutterstock_107808977Think of Everest as a virtual notebook in which you store all of your ideas, favorite websites, notes, videos and images all in one convenient place. Instead of saving multiple bookmarks and emailing yourself a copy of your presentation, you can keep everything together at once. Add to this comprehensive notebook the ability to access it from anywhere using cloud storage, and you have the powerful and free productivity lifesaver that is Everest.


If you frequently run out of time to check your social media sites, read your favorite cooking blog or catch up on the news, then Flipboard offers the perfect solution. Combining all of your favorite information, social media and news sites into one convenient place, Fliboard presents your sites in a concise, magazine-style layout that you can browse at your leisure.


Whether you own a home-based business or need a more secure way to manage your funds, download the PayPal app to help save time and energy. Now accepted at many major online and in-store retailers, the PayPal app allows you to securely pay for your everyday items with its easy-to-use interface. The app also allows you to monitor purchases and cash flow on the go.


For those who work at home or need to keep track of their time, Toggl offers a free and easy way to do it. You can download the app onto your smartphone or tablet as well as a widget onto your computer and monitor the time you spend writing, doing homework or working on the weekend. More than a simple time tracker, Toggl also offers features like weekly and monthly reports to help you stay focused and on task.


Trello changes the way families and groups communicate on to-do lists, allowing users to add multiple accounts and sync lists with the whole group. Designed with group usability in mind, Trello offers a simple way to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to picking up the dry cleaning, preparing dinner or running errands.
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The trick to making the most of your time is to work smarter and harder, meaning you get more things done in less time when you find a better way of doing them. The apps listed above will help you organize your time more effectively whether you attend school, work 40 hours a week or host monthly club meetings. For awesome smartphones and other top electronic devices, check out DubLi’s unique shopping portal where you’ll find all the latest gadgets to make life easier. And make sure you sign up for the awesome cashback program that allows you to save money and earn rewards on the brand name purchases you love.

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