By Kaylin Meyer

For many practitioners, yoga is a way of life. Practicing yoga connects the mind and spirit with the body; avid yogis consider the ancient Indian art a mindful exercise in absolute freedom. Yoga allows us to strengthen our bodies while simultaneously enhancing our flexibility. While the health benefits of yoga are limitless, sifting through the profusion of yoga accessories can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are just starting out. For those of you who are curious about yoga but haven’t managed to get started, read this guide to help kick off your quest for a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to purchasing the essentials, it’s not about picking your favorite color or sauntering in with the most stylish gear in the studio. This practice is much more sensual than many other exercise forms; it’s of paramount importance that you choose yoga equipment with adequate durability and portability, and of appropriate size and thickness. Once you acquire the right tools, you’ll be on your way to the spiritual world and beyond.

[title text=”Yoga Mat”]

The yoga mat is so much more than just a sticky surface, a “tool” or an exercise “prop”. The mat symbolizes your place in this world by defining your space — your very own sacred space – upon which nobody else may encroach. In a way, the mat is a metaphor for life. If you currently practice yoga, you already know this, but if you are new to the practice, then it’s important to learn the rituals of a yogi.

Like kitchen towels, most mats are disposable. They come into our world, we love them, then it’s time for a new one. While that description may fit most yoga mats, that is not necessarily the case for the Jade Professional Mat ($74.95), available at Moosejaw (5.2%/11.2% Cashback). If you don’t believe me, watch this review video here and then check out this side-by-side comparison chart.

Beginners: If you don’t want to make the substantial financial commitment just yet, we don’t blame you. You can start by borrowing a mat from a friend or your new studio, or grab this basic Gaiam Fern Yoga Mat for just $18.99 from Target (1%/7% Cashback). Once you decide to make yoga one of your regular rituals, get the Jade Professional. It’s worth every penny.

Jade Professional Mat ($74.85), Photo by Moosejaw

Jade Professional Mat ($74.95), Photo by Moosejaw

[title text=”Yoga Mat Bag”]

Utilizing a yoga mat bag leads to a more positive connection with your practice and enhances your overall experience. Show your sacred instrument some love with a ready-to-practice, yoga bag such as the Patagonia Lightweight Yoga Sling from Moosejaw. It’s only $49 and ships free! Plus, you get up to 11.2% Cashback when you shop Moosejaw through This top-of-the-line yoga sling is made with 100% nylon double-ripstop fabric, which pretty much means it’s indestructible. The bag also stuffs into its own pocket, which is incredibly convenient for travel. This is the ultimate bag for all your exciting future yoga adventures. So if I were you, I’d get mine now! #wedid

Patagonia Lightweight Yoga Sling ($49), Photo by Moosejaw

Patagonia Lightweight Yoga Sling ($49), Photo by Moosejaw

[title text=”Yoga Block”]

If you are an at-home yoga practitioner or  want to start practicing at home, you need your own yoga block. Yes, we know that yoga studios provide these props for you, but having your own block will allow you to spend more time getting involved with each exercise at home. Try the Orla Kiely Yoga Block by Gaiam, available at Target (1%/7% Cashback) for only $10.99.

We all have our ways of connecting; let yours also bring you freedom and peace. Namaste.

Kiely Yoga Block ($10.99), Photo by Target

Kiely Yoga Block ($10.99), Photo by Target

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