By Graham Ray

The age of wearable technology is upon us, and it seems like everybody will have some sort of tech gadget on their wrist in the near future. Goes to show that George Jetson’s futuristic fashion sense was not only ahead of its time, but pretty on-pointe. The best-known wearable, of course, is the Apple Watch.

You might be asking: What exactly is a “wearable”? The term generally refers to any piece of technology with which you can adorn your wrist, neck or any other body part (see Google Glass).

As with any new technology, the first wave of wearable products start off on the costly side. Luckily, prices are going down as more products emerge and competition between manufacturers heats up. You know, your basic economics 101.

Now that these must-have items are finally at a more realistic price-point, check out some of the best men’s wearables under $200:

[title text=”Fitbit Charge HR”]

The Fitbit Charge HR is sleek, versatile and has a battery life of up to five days.  The Charge HR monitors your heart rate continuously as you work out, along with recording your steps, distance and calories burned. Additionally, the device has a caller ID feature to keep you in the loop if your phone isn’t nearby, and even tracks the length and quality of your sleep. This is one fitness tracker has your total health in mind! You can head to Bed Bath & Beyond to get the Charge HR for $149.99, and earn up to 6.6% Cashback.

Best Men’s Wearables for Under $200

Fitbit Charge HR, $149.99 | Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond


[title text=”Pebble Time”]

One of the best features of Pebble’s newest smartwatch, the low-key Time, is that it can hold a battery charge of more than three days. The Pebble Time, which is compatible with most iOS and Android devices, also has other attractive features like an always-on continuous color display, storage for dozens of apps, and water resistance for showers and swimming. You can grab the Pebble Time for $199.99 from Best Buy (up to 7% Cashback).


Best Men’s Wearables for Under $200

Pebble Time, $199.99 | Photo by Best Buy

[title text=”Lumo Lift”]

Slouchers take note! Lumo Lift, the world’s first posture tracker, reminds to you sit up straight and stand taller with a gentle vibration. Other benefits of the iOS-enabled Lift include tracking your steps, distance traveled and calories burned. The discreet Lift is fashionable and comfortable, with customizable clasps to allow it to pass as an accessory. You can get the Lift for $79.99 at Newegg, and earn up to 6.5% Cashback.

Best Men’s Wearables for Under $200

Lumo Lift, $79.99 | Photo by Newegg


[title text=”Microsoft Band Smartwatch”]

Microsoft has jumped into the wearables game with its Band Smartwatch. Though it doesn’t have as many features or have as much battery life as the Apple Watch, the Band does work with a wider variety of smartphones (Android, iOS and Windows), tracks all-day heart rate and can even download workout suggestions. The built-in GPS is perfect for joggers and cyclists taking an unfamiliar route. Get the Band Smartwatch for $152.99 from Best Buy (up to 7% Cashback).

Best Men’s Wearables for Under $200

Microsoft Band Smartwatch, $152.99 | Photo by Best Buy

[title text=”Misfit Flash™”]

If the Fitbit Charge HR is a Rolls Royce, then the Misfit Flash™ is like a Toyota. Marketed as “a fitness tracker for everyone”, its $29.99 price tag certainly makes it accessible to just about everybody, but is it a good product? The tech gurus at CNET certainly think so, giving the waterproof Flash three-and-a-half stars, calling it versatile and easy-to use. The downside: it lacks a heart rate monitor and its plastic design feels a little cheap. But it’s only $29.99! – get the Flash at Best Buy and earn up to 7% Cashback!

Best Men’s Wearables for Under $200

Misfit Flash, $29.99 | Photo by Best Buy

So there you have it! Even if you’re a gent on a budget, you don’t have to skip out on the latest must-have tech. Score whatever wearables your heart desires and enjoy Cashback when you shop through DubLi.

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