Black Friday is one of the most popular and biggest shopping days of the year, but it’s also one of the toughest to survive. It’s a jungle out there as everyone scrambles to get the latest deals and lowest prices—perhaps even the lowest prices of the season—on holiday gifts.

If you’re ready for Black Friday and all that it has to offer but you’d rather skip the crowds and keep your sanity, consider shopping online rather than heading off to the stores. During the holiday rush, nothing beats shopping from the comfort of your own home, and you may be surprised by the incredible money-saving deals that you’ll find online. You can buy fashion jewelry at Delilah K and get 6% Cashback for regular members or 12% Cashback for V.I.P members (Expires Dec. 31, 2014). Or get sleepwear at Bedhead Pajamas and get 15% off regular priced items and 6.5% Cashback for regular members or 12.5% Cashback for V.I.P members (Expires Jan. 1, 2015).

Photo by Bedhead Pajamas

Photo by Bedhead Pajamas

Mark Your Calendar for Sale Times

A lot of retailers will be offering Black Friday specials that are limited to certain hours throughout the day, so mark your calendar to remember when you need to shop. When shopping online, bookmark the pages of products you want to purchase so you can open them up right away rather than having to search for them. Then add them to your cart before they sell out.

Other deals, such as like free shipping on orders over $50, plus 1% Cashback for regular members and 7% Cashback for V.I.P members at Apple Online Store (Expires Nov. 30, 2014), and $20 off $100, plus free shipping and returns, and 7.8% Cashback to regular members or 13.8% Cashback for V.I.P members at Shoebuy (Expires Nov. 30, 2014), are good through Black Friday weekend so you don’t need to rush to buy everything in one day.

Photo by Shoebuy

Photo by Shoebuy

Do Your Research with Price Comparison Sites

Price comparison sites are an indispensable resource because they’ll show you prices on specific items from various retailers. Do your research in advance of Black Friday to rest assured you’re getting the best deals, especially when you combine these low prices you’ve already found with offers like Avenue’s $25 off $100 and 3.2% Cashback for regular members or 9.2% Cashback for V.I.P members (Expires Dec. 30, 2014).

Focus on Safety and Comfort if Shopping in Stores

If you’re still planning on heading to the stores, there are things you can do to prepare for the trip and make it a smooth one.

Wear shoes that are easy to walk in, as you may find yourself standing on a checkout line for a long time. You may also have to rush from one store to the next to grab discounted products before shelves are cleared. Prior to arriving, figure out an itinerary to do your shopping in the shortest amount of time to limit fatigue.

Bring along a big bag to put some of your purchases in (the less you have to carry, the better). An unmarked bag is a great way to hide the fact that you’re carrying around expensive merchandise, and a cross-body bag with zippered compartments for your wallet will protect you from loss or theft.

Or Just Wait for Cyber Monday

The Monday following Black Friday is Cyber Monday, when online retailers post some of their lowest prices of the year. Shopping from the comfort of home, you can find deals on everything from toys for the kids, to electronics for your best guy, and maybe even a little something special for yourself on sites like Everbuying, where you can take $6 off your order, get free shipping, and enjoy 5.8% Cashback for regular members or 11.8% Cashback for V.I.P members (Expires Dec. 10, 2014).

If purchasing furniture and décor for your home, Design Within Reach is offering free shipping on lighting, along with 3.2% Cashback for regular members and 9.2% for V.I.P members (Expires Dec. 15, 2014). And if you’re shopping for fashionable accessories from top designers, DKNY watches at Watch Station are up to 50% off, with 3.2% Cashback to regular members and 9.2% Cashback for V.I.P members (Expires Dec. 31, 2014).

You can even find great travel deals like $1,000 back and 10% off excursions, plus 1.9% Cashback to regular members and 7.9% Cashback to V.I.P members when booking with CruiseDirect (Expires Dec. 13, 2014). And you can book hotels through CheapOstay to save up to $15 and get an additional $3.25 Cashback for all member levels (Expires Dec. 31, 2014).

If you’d rather avoid the crowds and shop smart right from the comfort of home on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check out Dubli’s many coupons and Cashback deals to help you save the most money.

Photo by Watch Station

Photo by Watch Station

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