Memorial Day is all about celebrating the troops who sacrificed so much for our freedom. We honor their lives by spending precious time with family and friends; creating memorable and lasting moments that we owe it possible to our fellow military troops.

Here’s how to make your 3-day Memorial weekend a memorable one:

Fire Up The Grill:

No better way of celebrating your freedom than gathering everyone up and getting your grub on. BBQ’ing is a classic American tradition that everyone loves to partake in. It’s a great way to relinquish from the stresses of life and join together with your loved ones in the name of food. Get creative and make it a Patriotic theme with cakes and finger food trays all decked out in Nationalism.

Splash Up a Lake Trip:

Go for a water adventure at your local (or maybe not so local) lake. Take a break from technology cravings and feed into your wilder side with the surroundings of the wilderness.  You can build a campfire and roast marshmallows while sharing favorite past times with the kids. Or perhaps, take a boat ride to explore the vastness of the lake. Be sure to pack enough sunscreen to enjoy every ray of the sun!

Cruise on a Road Trip:

Hit the road, Jack, and explore a new city that’s driving distance from home. Pack your favorite tunes and snacks for the ride and enjoy the scenic route to your destination. Once you reach your destination, try finding historic landmarks to gain new insights on the city.

Enjoy The Luxury of Home:

If you are more of a homebody and prefer to use the long weekend to relax, there’s no crime in kicking back on the couch and leisure through the weekend. Use the time to spoil yourself with relaxation. After all, you deserve it.

We have much to thank the men and women who dedicated their lives to protect our freedom. Because of their sacrifices, we have the liberty to enjoy quality time with family and friends and create timeless moments that last a lifetime. However you spend your weekend, make a memorable day and save with Cash Back on every purchase or travel booking.

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