The new year is here, your resolutions are set, and top of the list is the token “get into shape” goal. Whether you’re doing it to slim down, get healthier or to get back into working out, exercise will always benefit you. Not only does it increase dopamine levels making you happier, but it helps with sleep, prevents aging, and helps overall bone health, as well as energy levels so there’s no excuse not to get your 30 mins a day. However difficult getting into a gym routine might be, we know that sometimes the hardest part is getting there so we’ve decided to skip that step! Working out from home can be just as beneficial as going to the gym and who wants to drive outside during the winter? Here are some workouts you can do from home that will guarantee you feel the burn.


HIIT it to feel the burn

HIIT, an abbreviation for high intensity interval training, is the no-frills workout routine practically made for at-home training. It doesn’t require fancy machines or access to a gym which means you can get your sweat on for less. It does, however, require your commitment and stamina. HIIT is all about bursts of energy and variety, hence the high-intensity aspect of it. You can do this at home with a yoga mat, some workout clothes and a few small weights you can find here. Think of it as sped up circuits full of jump squats, push-ups, jump rope, lunges… etc. You can use small weights to increase difficulty but make sure to keep up the pace for maximum impact. Structure your workout by doing 30-45 seconds of high intensity exercise (say jumping jacks) then take a 15 second break followed by 30-45 seconds of the next exercise (burpees for the win) and continue this routine with 2-4 more exercises. If you do 5 sets of 5 exercises at 45 seconds each, you’ll be done in 25 minutes! This cardio blaster workout is a surefire way to amp up your metabolism and give you a quick sweat when you’re in a rush.

The upside of HIIT? It’s quick, concentrated and is a great fat-burner. The downside? It takes a lot of energy and doesn’t build muscle as well as weight training, it is mostly cardio after all. Implement HIIT into your workout routine 1-2 times a week to see results and to jumpstart your workout routine.


Get down with the weights

Many women often ask, “If I lift weights, will it make me look manly?” and this prevents them from making serious #gainz when it comes to their fitness. Ladies, don’t fear the weights because no, you will not look manly! When working out, implementing weight training will benefit you greatly because as you gain muscle, you burn calories faster and at a higher rate thereby helping you lose fat. Doing weight training will help you build that physique you want while sculpting your body and burning off those unwanted holiday pounds to show off all your toned muscles.

If you’re looking for some guidance as a newbie, divide your week by sections of the body and focus on strength training through specific exercises. Do 3-5 days a week of weight training with a day dedicated towards legs, arms, core, back, or another body part you’re looking to develop. Some people do a shoulder day while others might add a booty day to their regiment. Do a 10-minute warm-up to activate your muscles and then get into your routine. Try to do 6-8 exercises, 3-4 times with your repetitions being 12-15 for each set. Adjust your weights according to your ability, and don’t be afraid to lift heavier so long as it doesn’t hinder your performance or cause unnecessary strain.

You can order a set of weights and a yoga mat online so that you can workout in any part of your house and use what you have! Use steps for your leg day and maybe a chair in lieu of a bench and there you have your own at-home-gym!

Finish your workout with a good stretch and a protein shake to feed your muscles and really make some gains.

Get your yoga flow on

Some do it for the inner peace, some for balance, some for the hot physique and others…for the gram! Yoga has been around for hundreds of years as a means of achieving personal balance while being in tune with the body which is why it has lasted so long and spread through cultures. While it’s at a slower pace than the other workouts, yoga is great for stretching, working the core and becoming more agile. All you really need is a yoga mat, maybe some blocks and some good workout gear to get you in the mood for a deep vinayasa. The great thing about yoga is that you can improvise your flow and focus on the things your body needs. It’s easy to find a good routine online through a quick YouTube search if you’re the class type and want a little more direction. The benefits of working out at home is that you can do it at any time and wont feel the competitive inner pressure to “out-yoga” those next to you (we all do it). Add yoga into your life 2-5 times a week to keep up your flexibility and remember to focus on your breath.


Don’t resist the resistance band

Resistance bands are the latest workout accessory sweeping the fitness world and we all need to jump on the band-wagon (pun intended). They’re compact but have maximum impact on your body as a whole, and not to mention the variety they will bring into your workout routine. Available in several strengths/sizes, resistance bands help you use your own body weight and the resistance of the band to build some muscle. They will add a deeper burn to your workout when you’re doing a crab walk with a band around your quads or squats. Use them with or without weights depending on your preference because if you’re not having fun while working out, the resolution won’t last long! The beauty of resistance bands is that they’re lightweight, compact, and bring you immense variety that you can take with you on the go. If you’re traveling or visiting family and don’t have access to a gym… this band is going to keep you active no matter where you are.

To get the most from your workout, focus on the form rather than on getting things done quick. Engage all your muscles and be present with each motion to ensure you’re really gaining all you can. With resistance bands, it might be easy to let things get wobbly but if you truly put in the effort, you’ll see how they’re meant to be used.


When working out, remember to always stretch before and after to prevent injury if you’re doing more strenuous exercises. Your recovery time will be shorter if you have a proper warmup and cool-down routine in place. Add a foam roller to give your muscles a 10-minute deep-tissue massage post workout and you’re going to be feeling the benefits in no time! Get all your workout necessities with where you can earn Cash Back on every purchase. Save money, save time, and live better with Dubli!

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