By: Kaylin Meyer

Ahh, the return of fall at last! Fall fashion is the best fashion of the year; at least, we like to think so. Who doesn’t love layers for days, killer boots, gorgeous hues, to-die-for oversized sweaters, cozy leggings — speaking of leggings, have you integrated them into your go-to fall fashion looks yet?

Ladies, if you’re under the impression that leggings aren’t “age-appropriate” for you, it’s time to rethink this season. Don’t categorize your leggings solely for lounging, lunging, or yoga class either. Leggings are a must-have fall fashion classic, no matter what age your birth certificate says you are. They are the jam to fall’s jelly and, and guess what? Women of any age can pull them off — we’re here to help show you how!

We all mature at some point or another, but that doesn’t mean certain comfortable, on-trend styles are off limits. As we evolve, all that changes in the fashion realm is the fact that we have to wear our items of clothing a little differently. Even if you’re approaching 60 years young, you can still rock the same fashions as a twentysomething – you just have to know how to wear it appropriately for you. As long as you dress to suit your body and your personality, you can never go wrong. Here’s a quick guide for how to look good in leggings at any age…

[title text=”Teens – Rock on, Young Lady”]

In our opinion, it’s all about the length of your top. A 19-year-old might rock a stylishly chic legging look with a top tucked in or throw on a regular length top and belt it, like this look here!

Get the look! Women Others Medium Solid Color ($9.99), available at LightInTheBox (3%/9% Cashback).

Look Good in Leggings at Any Age

Women’s Others Medium Solid Color/Metallic Legging, $9.99 | Photo by

[title text=”20s – Layered and Lovely”]

If you are in your mid-20s and genuinely wish to fuse this seasons fashion staple into your daily wardrobe, but aren’t quite sure if you’ll look good yet; the best advice I can give you is to try styling your leggings with lengthy tops such as tunics, oversized sweaters and short dresses. Oh, and don’t forget the layers! Try this layered and effortless look from Anthropologie (3%/9% Cashback).

Look Good in Leggings at Any Age

Derby Leggings, $88 | Photo by Anthropologie

[title text=”30s – Stylish Sophistication”]

A 30-year-old might not be quite as daring to tackle the leggings trend head-on, but that’s okay! Don’t give up on leggings entirely — you might want to wear a longer top. If you’re in your thirties and want that stylishly sophisticated yet beautifully simplistic vibe, then try these street-chic Vegan Leather Pull-On Leggings ($98), available at Free People (3.2%/9.2% Cashback).

Look Good in Leggings at Any Age

Vegan Leather Pull-On Leggings, $98 | Photo by Free People

[title text=”40s – Forever Fabulous”]

Over 40 and think you’re too old for leggings? Not a chance! You too can pull off this street-chic look. Just do your figure a favor and avoid:

  • Form-fitting tops
  • Tops that are shorter than mid-thigh
  • Super delicate fabrics or crazy prints on your leggings

Get this soft legging look, available at Free People (3.2%/9.2% Cashback).

Look Good in Leggings at Any Age

Soft Legging, $38 | Photo by Free People

[title text=”50s – Flatter Your Figure”]

Looser fitting tops with skinny bottoms is a flattering look on almost every body type. So if you truly want to keep your look fresh and on trend, go big and go long. The most important thing to remember is to keep it casual and completely simple. Marry your leggings with layers, add some statement accessories and you’ll be good to go — not to mention, extremely cozy!

Here’s one of our personal favorites of the season: a must-have legging outfit that is absolutely ideal for any age! The best part about these puppies are that they have a built-in shapewear feature to help smooth out the hips, waist and tummy! Get the look at Anthropologie (3%/9% Cashback).

Look Good in Leggings at Any Age

Smoothing Shapewear Leggings, $49.50 | Photo by Anthropologie

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