It’s almost that time of the year when the little ones will go back-to-school. If you haven’t already noticed, the back-to-school shopping season is already in full force. Regardless if your kids are the kicking and screaming type or those who are excited to get back-to-school to see their friends, they are not going to be prepared without the help of their parents. A new school year presents many new challenges and opportunities but there are some things you can prepare early on to make sure the transition from summer to school is smooth. To assist you in moving out of the summer routine, here are five ways to get your child back-to-school ready and position them for success this school year.


1. Set a Schedule  

With longer summer days, kids typically stay up later, especially when vacations are involved. The amount of sleep kids receive can never be underestimated.  To succeed in school and stay focused, kids must sleep an estimated 7-8 hours each night. Going back to a regular schedule is vital because most kids aren’t excited for the change (especially when it comes to a strict schedule) so acclimating them back into a helpful schedule while it’s still summer will make it that much easier for them when school does actually start. A few weeks prior to the first day, have them start going to bed and waking up closer to the actual times they’ll need to follow once school starts. This will help ensure they are following a routine that won’t seem too drastic once classes are in session.


2. Take a Break

If your kids are like most, they have spent considerable time glued to a variety of screens for a good portion of the summer. It’s easy for kids of all ages to get addicted to technology but it’s important to note that their sensitive young eyes need a break from the constant visual stimulation. Encourage your children to take time away from the screen to play outside, read a book, or engage in a hobby that involves back to school preparation. Taking time to be present and enjoy the last of the summer days will create more lasting memories that don’t involve a smart screen.


3. Open a Book

Try and encourage your kids to participate in the fine art of reading. Today, many kids have required summer reading lists and it’s up to parents to make sure they complete the assignments. If you haven’t done so already, check up on their reading requirements and set aside time each day for them to read. Reading expands the imagination and offers a host of favorable benefits to natural bookworms. You can purchase the latest popular titles for their age group and/or find a classic that you loved as a kid that you could read together. Not only will reading benefit them scholastically, it will also keep them busy with a healthy habit. Reading also expands their vocabulary and offers a creative outlet for them to develop new critical thinking skills.  


4. Talk it Out

Proper communication is a valuable skill as it offers a host of benefits including establishing positive relationships with others. Whether your kids are off to college or just starting first grade, talking to your kids and keeping an open dialogue will help prepare them for the year ahead. When children know they have support at home with parents they can rely on not to judge, they are more likely to ask for help when in need. From issues with homework, to stress and feeling out of place, kids experience a variety of issues. Letting them know you’re available to help in any way will go a long way towards minimizing maladaptive behaviors in school. Doing this before the year starts will give them the confidence to take on any challenge and feel good about the support system behind them.


5. Preparation is Key

Make a list and check it twice because as far as kids go, they are not always on top of their back to school needs. From pencils to notebooks and the sports equipment, a lot can be overlooked when getting ready to go back. Check in with the school to see if they provide an advance list of necessary supplies needed the first few days. While kids love getting the newest of the new, check their supplies from the previous year for anything that can be reused because surely they don’t need another pencil case or calculator, right? Keeping an eye on the real necessities are will help you shop smarter and more efficiently because you’ll have a list to reference instead of blindly ordering what you “think” they might need. This is especially helpful if you have multiple kids going into different grades as each child will have their own requirements. Shop smart by ordering all your school supplies ahead of time and earn Cash Back with


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