By Tricia Romano

You’ve decided it’s finally time to get fit, but when you look at the options — join the really cheap, dilapidated gym that you’ll never go to or the really expensive gym populated only by unnaturally buff people who just stepped off the cover of a fitness magazine — you decide to sit home and sulk. But you don’t have to do that! You can get fit affordably — heck, even for free!

[title text=”Free Trials”]

If you are a total exercise newbie and don’t even know what kind of exercise you even like doing, you can try a free class or two, which many gyms offer. Some gyms, like 24 Hour Fitness, will let you work out for a day or even a week full week – for free – if you live in the area. You can check out the various different gyms and workout centers in your area before you commit to a membership. Along the way, you might pick up some techniques that you can even do on your own at home, and when you’re done assessing the competition, you can pick one to join. Shop 24 Hour Fitness through DubLi — free members get 3.2% Cashback; V.I.P.’s get 9.2%!

[title text=”Buddy-Up”]

Many gyms offer complimentary one-week buddy passes; if you have friends who belong to a gym, see if you can tag along with them for a few days to check it out. Additionally, some gyms allow you to do a personal training session with another person whose fitness level and goals are similar to yours, cutting the often-expensive training session cost in half.

Save money on personal training by sharing a session

Save money on personal training by sharing a session

[title text=”Gym Classes”]

If you do join a gym, take advantage of their classes, which are included with your membership fee. At a cost of about $35 a month depending on your plan, 24 Hour Fitness features a large range of classes that can keep you fit for relatively cheap: yoga, Crossfit-like torture sessions, spin and Zumba classes.

[title text=”YouTube Videos and Exercise Apps”]

If you have a connected TV or a computer, you can get a personal training session without paying a dime. There are a myriad of videos online, ranging from the totally homegrown (like this lady in her living room doing arm circles—actually hard!), to the super professional (like Jillian Michaels’ workouts) that you can do in the comfort of your living room. One very popular series is Fitness Blender, which has hundreds of very simple, easy-to-follow routines. You can filter by workout time, body focus (core, upper body), training type (cardio or toning, for instance), and equipment needed. Pick one long video or cobble together several shorter ones to make your own specialized workout.

Most videos don’t require any equipment, but it’s smart to collect a few basics to get started: a pair of dumbbells, an exercise or yoga mat (along with a few other yoga must-haves), and a resistance band.

Most exercise apps, like Six PackFitStar, and Jefit are totally free, but enhanced features come with upgrade charges. If you mix and match programs, you might be able to find what you need without paying. To pick up some at-home workout essentials, shop Target through — free members get 1%, 7% for V.I.P.’s!

Home workouts can give you personal training at little to no cost

Home workouts can give you personal training at little to no cost

[title text=”Online Subscriptions”]

Another option for your at-home fitness needs is an online monthly subscription to the Daily Burn or CosmoBody, which has an entire library of workouts, ranging from easy to difficult, with a wide range of styles and times (cardio focus or yoga classes). $12 for the Daily Burn and $9.95 for Cosmobody is far less than spending hundreds at the gym. Shop Cosmobody through DubLi and get $3.90 Cashback.

Since you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get fit, it’s time to take action and start your exercise regimen today!

CosmoBody gives you access to a library of workouts for a $9.95 monthly fee | Photo by CosmoBody

CosmoBody gives you access to a library of workouts for a $9.95 monthly fee | Photo by CosmoBody

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