There’s something special about spoiling yourself or your loved one with a little luxury. Maybe it’s a birthday, an anniversary, “just because,” or any other reason you might have, there’s always a good reason to add some luxury to your life. As the fashion capital of the world, Italy is home to countless high-end designers and sublime couturiers, which has appropriately earned it a reputation for providing the chicest designs and runway favorites. While there are many websites for you to indulge, there’s one place that outshines the rest, From providing great variety to truly offering you the best of the best, here are 5 ways #italistdoesitbetter. offers the largest selection of luxury goods from Italy’s finest retailers. In fact, more than 1,000 brands and 200,000 products (and counting)! 



They’ve Found a Better Way

Before italist…

Once upon a time, style professionals and fashion lovers had a secret. Insiders knew that by visiting Italy’s most exquisite boutiques, they could find in-season fashion and luxury accessories from their favorite designers and emerging brands—all at the best price. Back then, industry insiders had two ways to stock up: they could fly to Italy, visit the boutiques in person, collect designer favorites and rare finds, and stuff their suitcases with as much as they could carry home. Or they could communicate with the retailers directly to arrange the import of these luxury goods from Italy to their respective country. This was often a lengthy process, which required personal relationships and knowledge of the Italian language, and customers had to navigate the complicated customs process on their own. Both options weren’t optimal for the long-term which is where italist found a better alternative. Connecting fashion lovers from around the world with Italy’s established and emerging designers is exactly what italist does best


italist saw a better way. 

Through their direct import model, customers can purchase brand-new, genuine, in-season fashion and luxury accessories from Italy’s finest retailers from the comfort of their home. italist offers the best value—up to 30% less than market price—for the same authentic luxury goods you’ll find on other sites by allowing to import directly from Italy.



It’s All About Variety

Italy isn’t just the home of fashion; it’s home to many seasoned and emerging designers, most of whom can be found on the italist site. With over a thousand brands and 200,000+ products to choose from, the wide variety of options will change the way you dress! From classics to wardrobe staples, to avant-garde statement pieces, your outfit collection is about to get a stylish boost that won’t damage your wallet because you deserve the best of both worlds. There’s bound to be something for everyone from the many famous or undiscovered designers you’re going to love.


They Don’t Do Hidden Fees

When it comes to online shopping, if you’re like us, you want to know all the details up front and don’t want to be deceived with hidden fees. Luckily for everyone, italist doesn’t do hidden fees. All taxes and fees are part of the retail price so there won’t be any surprises when you’re at the checkout. Each purchase includes express shipping, so your latest fashion finds should arrive within 2-4 working days.


Bringing You Italy’s Finest, Of Course

Many shoppers will agree, there’s nothing like the finer things in life. And why should there be? By offering you the most renowned names in fashion, italist has great reviews, and their customers couldn’t be happier to have discovered this online gem. “If you are a seasoned Italian designer shopper and know your size, you are in for a pleasant surprise. I love love love my new Valentino Dollybow sandals. This won’t be my last purchase,” expressed a self-described customer for life Susan H. on her experience with the site. –


Their Direct Import Model  Provides Great Savings

Want something brand new, genuine, and in-season? Whether it’s apparel or accessories, italist provides shoppers with Italy’s finest retailers that they can enjoy shopping with from the palm of their hand. What many don’t know is that italist has a direct import model that can offer savings up to 30% less than the market price. Now, no look will go incomplete without a designer touch of authentic luxury imported directly from Italy.

Shopping italist via means you’re always saving on everything while earning Cash Back. With italist, you’re not just living a life of luxury, you’re saving without sacrificing style, and that’s something #italistdoesbetter. Shop via and watch your savings and your style soar!

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