The new DubLi Toolbar makes it even more convenient to shop and get Cashback through DubLi!

Simply install and log in to the Toolbar and whenever you browse the sites of your favorite merchants, you’ll be able to log in to DubLi and activate your Cashback with a single click! You don’t even have to visit the DubLi Shopping Mall first!

In addition, when you use your favorite search engine to find a product, you will immediately be shown a list of DubLi merchants that carry that product, and how much Cashback you can earn!
The DubLi Toolbar will initially be available for Google Chrome, and we are planning to launch the Toolbar for other browsers very soon!

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tb_step1When does the DubLi Toolbar appear?

The DubLi Toolbar will appear when you visit a DubLi merchant website. Just log in and activate your Cashback!

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tb_step2Go Shopping

Just shop at your favorite stores like you normally do — the DubLi Toolbar does the rest. When the DubLi icon is green, the DubLi Toolbar is ready to use.

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tb_step3Earn Cashback

Click the icon in the DubLi Toolbar to review your Cashback and check out the best DubLi deals.

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