By: Kaylin Meyer

In world full of temptation, this mantra rings true: “Our bodies are capable of anything. It’s our mind that we have to convince.”

It’s no secret that we’re entering the most delicious time of year. With all of the feasts, treats and celebrations just around the corner, it’s time we get our holiday season workouts in check!

The good news? There are many ways you can easily burn 100 extra calories a day! Yep. That’s right, no gym required for these quick fat burners! So, for those of you who are “too busy” to workout and can never seem to find the time to exercise with your jam-packed schedule, kick your excuses to the curb.

Burning 100 calories probably takes less effort than you think. Even everyday chores can help you burn a few extra calories. Whether you are striving to maintain your weight during the holiday season or trying to shed a few extra pounds by the end of the year, all that is required of you are two things: consistency and commitment.  

It’s important to make a conscious effort to be in constant motion. When you get to moving, the calories get to burning! So, keep your eye on the prize and say no to sweet treats. Your smokin’ hot bod will thank you later!

Take the Stairs

Taking the elevator is the lazy way out. Oops, did I just write that out loud? Unless you are going to do wall sits for the entire duration of your elevator ride, think again and head for the stairwell! When you’re at the gym, climbing stairs for about 15 minutes will deduct 100 calories from your day’s food intake – I don’t know about y’all, but 15 minutes is nothing! Once you’re feeling solid on climbing the stairs, start running them and you’ll blast 100 calories in just six minutes! Feel the burn.

Pre-Holiday Fit Tips: Burn 100 Extra Calories a Day

Taking the stairs is an easy way to blast additional calories during your day.


Standing Procedure

Instead of sitting at your desk all day, take a more active approach to desk work. Standing with your laptop at a tall table for an hour will burn 100 calories. If you want a smaller waistline, get up and do something about it!

Share The Road

No lackadaisical dilettantism! Stop driving to your errands and afternoon appointments. Instead, wear a pack, put on some headphones and go for a ride! Just 23 minutes of casual bike riding = 100 calories gone!

Pre-Holiday Fit Tips: Burn 100 Extra Calories a Day

Take your wheels out for a spin and enjoy the awesome fall weather.


Jumping Jacks

Even at a moderate intensity, you can knock out a few jumping jacks and shed some of that fat. Click here to see how long it will take you to burn 100 calories while doing jumping jacks and a wide variety of fitness activities.

Counter Pushups

The counter pushup is the same thing as a regular pushup, only better because you don’t have to get down on the ground. 100 pushups will burn about 100 calories, so commit yourself to doing 15 pushups at the top of the hour during the workday. Use your desktop or counter space and push it real good!

Pre-Holiday Fit Tips: Burn 100 Extra Calories a Day

Isolate your muscles even from a standing position.


Happy Feet

Pump up the jams! Create an awesome dance-worthy playlist with about six songs and let the music take you away! Even if you don’t know how to dance, who cares? Dancing is something anybody can do. It unveils creativity, and through a series of random movements, it’s highly likely that you will actually work muscles you don’t normally use – #toneit! Not only will you burn 100 calories if you dance for about 20 minutes, but dancing is a self induced remedy that also connects the mind, body and spirit. Get up and move!

Tricep Dip

Tricep dips can literally be done anywhere, including at your desk or at home on the couch! Place your hands to the side of your body and your legs at a 90-degree angle. Then, bend your arms down to such 90 degree angle and push yourself back up. Repeat 3 sets of 10 and boom – 100 calories down!

Pre-Holiday Fit Tips: Burn 100 Extra Calories a Day

Tricep dips give that pump that shapes your arm muscles.

An important note: Try to make a conscious effort to tighten your abs while you perform any form of exercise. Heck, you should even try tightening your abs as you walk around each day. Just imagine the abs you’ll have if you do!

By committing each day to get the blood flowing and your heart rate up, you will not only keep the holiday pounds off but your body will become more flexible, toned and sexy. Need some new workout gear? Shop the Free People’s Movement collection now and get 3.2%/9.2 Cashback!

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