By: Kaylin Meyer

eCommerce has finally stepped up its game for this year’s holiday shopping season. Not only are the top retailers offering free shipping and exclusive holiday deals all season long, but now you can enjoy another glorious online shopping amenity: buy online, pick up in-store.

Ship or Pick up?

For those of you who treasure the festive in-store holiday experience (cue holiday music on repeat), your favorite stores are offering you the best of both worlds — digital and physical! You can pre-order your purchases online and have them delivered to your local retailer’s location! What are the advantages of buying online only to pick up in store? Easy answer, to take advantage of exclusive online deals and Cashback savings AND not miss out on in-store festivities or if you want to have your item gift-wrapped. Most stores offer free in-store gift wrap services, which is not something offered when ordering online and having the item shipped to you.


Most stores already have in-store pick up conveniently mapped out for you. All you have to do is choose your location or hit the “search availability” button then, type in your zip code to see if the items are available at a store near you. If they are, purchase the items online and go pick ’em up! It’s that simple. Your order will be processed right away and for the most part, you should be able to go pick up your purchases immediately.


When you shop online through DubLi over the holidays, you get to take advantage of Cashback savings! And by stacking online deals and coupons on top of Cashback, you’re saving even more over the holidays.

Here are 10 of the top stores offering the ultra convenience of “buy online and pick up in-store” during the 2015 holiday shopping season:

Kohl’s (3%/9% Cashback)

Nordstrom (4%/10% Cashback)

Target (1%/7% Cashback)

Best Buy (.5%/6.5% Cashback)

Walmart (.6%/6.6% Cashback)

Macy’s (1.8%/7.8% Cashback)

Crate & Barrel (2.4%/8.4% Cashback)

Kmart (1.2%/7.2% Cashback)

Home Depot (1.8%/7.8% Cashback)  

Urban Outfitters (3.2%/9.2% Cashback)

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Take our #ToNewBeginnings wuiz for your chance to win $500 to Target


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