These days, technology makes life a lot easier. From streamlining work presentations to interacting with clients around the world, smartphones, tablets and other devices make our jobs easier and our burdens lighter. Unfortunately, the constant barrage of technology also can cause unintended negative consequences, particularly for our kids.

Growing up in a world where technology does everything for us, kids these days may not be getting the adequateplaytime they need to develop strong imaginations and appropriate social interactions. How do you draw the line between effective technology use and proper development? Here are some great tips for keeping your family plugged in without becoming techno-dependent.

[title text=”Honest Communication”]

shutterstock_118931548Believe it or not, talking with your kids on a routine basis can encourage a decrease in the amount of time they spend texting, tweeting and talking on their smartphones. A simple family dinner once or twice a week can radically change how your family interacts for the better. By actively engaging in your kids’ lives and encouraging them to communicate, you satisfy their need to express themselves while also getting a special invite to their problems, fears and hopes. Before reducing their phone privileges, try sitting down to a family meal together a few times per week. Over time, your kids won’t feel the need to stare at their screens so much.

[title text=”Blast from the Past”]

shutterstock_147171413Remember the old days of writing essays by hand and consulting a physical map to find a new location? Your kids will never experience the unique frustration that comes with developing film or looking up information using the librarycataloging system. Why not introduce them to the ancient world of physical media and non-texting communication by taking them on a tour of life before the millennium. You could:

  • Take them to see a drive-in movie if a theater exists near your area.
  • Spend a rainy Saturday afternoon hand-writing letters to the grandparents.
  • Pick up some disposable cameras and conduct a scavenger hunt around town, snapping up pictures the old-fashioned way.

Introducing your kids to the “old” way of life will be a fun trip down memory lane. It also offers you the chance to explain the evolution of technology, how everyday life has improved because of it and how to be responsible when we use it. In turn, this might help your kids to appreciate the amazing products they use without even thinking about them. If nothing else, this blast from the past will promote quality family time and a chance for your kids to get to know you better.

[title text=”Built-In Limits”]



Some smartphones and tablets come with built-in time limits, allowing you to set boundaries when it comes to usage. This is especially important for young children who may not be aware of how much time they spend playing games or surfing the web. If your kids’ devices don’t have a timing option, then consider upgrading to devices that do. This will help you set limitations and keep your kids honest even when you’re not around to play the bad guy.

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Online shopping, gaming and work projects make life much easier, but it’s important to be responsible when it comes to technology. While you’re online browsing fun and creative ways to encourage family time, check out the awesome cashback program offered by DubLi. From family board games to quality outdoor equipment, you’ll find everything you need to have fun with your family while earning the rewards you love. Setting boundaries and spending quality time with your kids can help them see the difference between using technology and becoming enslaved by it.

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