Whether you participate in longstanding family traditions or enjoy spending time with friends, fall and winter offer a great opportunity to travel across the country and around the world, especially when you use a great travel cashback program. However, while you’re on vacation or traveling to visit friends and family, your house could use some extra protection. Making sure your house is secure will give you the peace of mind you need to make the most of your holiday travel. Investing in proper home security measures could help safeguard your home against natural disasters or theft and will help you to enjoy yourself throughout the upcoming festivities.

[title text=”Talk to the Insurance Company”]

shutterstock_58006588Before you head out to visit friends and family, talk to your insurance representative and review your home insurance policy. You might be surprised to find what it does and does not cover. If necessary, take out some extra protection while you travel to avoid any unpleasant surprises. While you can’t predict the weather or theft, you can safeguard your home and your belongings by properly insuring your valuables.
[title text=”High-Tech Security”]

shutterstock_131357471Hundreds of local and national security companies exist for the very purpose of protecting your property and family during home invasions and natural disasters. From complex security camera surveillance to basic alarms, these monitoring services can offer you a wide range of products depending on your need. Chances are that you don’t need a high-tech system that a bank might use, but you might consider installing a basic alarm system to keep out unwanted guests. When researching home security companies, ask them the following questions:


  • If an intruder does break in, how quickly do you react?
  • Do you have a central location or many different locations?
  • What is your success rate of stopping criminal activity?
  • Do you have a policy on natural disasters or non-criminal damage?



It’s also a good idea to check out the crime statistics for your neighborhood and area at large. How many break-ins occur during the fall and winter specifically? Do they happen during a particular time, or are they seemingly random? Thieves and other criminals usually invade homes while people are on vacation, avoiding actual confrontation when possible. Using a high-tech option might deter many thieves by alerting a security company to their presence.


[title text=”The Low-Tech Option”]

shutterstock_20760367If you think a high-tech approach is too much, then consider your low-tech options. Before you leave for vacation, talk to your neighbors to determine who will still be in the neighborhood during your trip. Ask those you trust to bring in your mail and newspapers. Untouched newspapers signal that you’re out of your home and might attract unwanted attention. Leave a car parked outside the garage, and ask your neighbors to keep an eye on it for damage. You could also have someone leave the porch light or an interior light on, just as extra precaution. You might even consider storing precious keepsakes and family heirlooms in a safety deposit box or leaving them with a trusted friend while you’re away. Remember that thieves like to avoid confrontation, and they’re less likely to rob a house that looks occupied and well-maintained.
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You can go the high-tech or low-tech route depending on your needs, but ensuring that you have a backup plan in case of emergency is the most basic form of protection you can employ. Once you have the peace of mind you need, you can enjoy all of the festivities that fall and winter have to offer. Take advantage of  DubLi’s valuable Cashback rewards Travel  program; you can save hundreds of dollars on flights, hotels and everything you need to enjoy a great family vacation.

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