By: Kaylin Meyer

To use a selfie stick or not to use one, that is the question. Perhaps you secretly wish you could use such an instrument, but you can’t help to think to yourself…Will I be judged for using a selfie stick?

In short, it all depends on how you are using the stick. If you are taking selfies on the hour every hour then yes, you will be judged; heck, I’ll probably even judge you. Ironically, people have been taking selfies and broadcasting them for a while, yet now that there is a retractable rod dedicated to encouraging individualization, the views are quite…controversial.

Is it the height of narcissism and the personal broadcast obsession?

The selfie stick epidemic became wildly popular among Asian and European countries, but the “stick” is merely the epitome of who we have become today as a global culture. More and more people are jumping on the #humblebrag train, which has quickly become the norm for social media etiquette. Are we living in the most self-absorbed era in human history?

Of course, most don’t want to get caught using a tool that has finally perfected the art of the selfie craft. However, there are some instances in which you can keep your dignity while using a selfie stick.

[title text=”The Traveler”]

Of course, the traditional thing to do would be to ask someone to take a quick picture of you, right? While that’s fine and dandy, what do you do if want to take a quick shot and nobody is around to snap a pic? Answer: Use the selfie stick.

[title text=”Let Me Take a “Groupie””]

There are a few occasions where I find myself wishing I had a selfie stick. For example, being able to snap a quick pic while traveling with a group of people  is awesome, especially when you don’t speak the language of the other pedestrians on the sidewalk. But in my opinion, taking a “groupie” is definitely socially acceptable.

Will I Be Judged for Using a Selfie Stick?

The selfie stick is perfect for group shots — nobody has to end up missing from the photo because they’re on the other side of the camera.

[title text=”Photographically Speaking”]

The selfie stick is good for more things than just taking a “selfie”. The retractable rod is also good for regular photo taking and being able to take better shots because of the extendability. Stop taking as many selfies, start absorbing more of your lovely surroundings.

On the flip side, you will be judged for using a selfie stick if you…

  • Use it too literally by taking obscene amounts of “selfies.”
  • Use it on the daily.
  • Use it at awkward times. No selfie sticks in class or public transportation, please.
  • Use it to just check yourself out.

Sorry, we just have to get it out there.

Will I Be Judged for Using a Selfie Stick?

Warning: If you just take “selfies” all day long with your stick, you will be judged.


Oh! And, just a heads up, the selfie stick isn’t permitted at many major venues around the world. So, be sure you check out to avoid being kicked out of Disney World for smuggling in your selfie stick, because THAT would be embarrassing — and costly!

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